Feng  Liang Design Inc. was founded in August, 2010. It specializes in  creating surface design for stationary, apparel and home decor products.  Originally from Taiwan, founder Feng Liang is a graduate of Pratt  Institute in NYC with a Master of Fine Arts degree in Digital Arts.  After graduating from Pratt, Feng worked for a while in the web design  industry, and later found her passion in surface pattern design. Today,  you can see Feng’s designs on products from clients as notable as  Victoria’s Secret and Walmart.

Feng’s  artistic interest began early on in life. Art was of course her favorite  subject, but she found opportunities in her other classes to make art  as well. Her textbooks were intricately doodled upon, her erasers became  master sculptures, and  the corners of her books were transformed into  short, flip book animations. Most popular of all were Feng’s hand-made  greeting cards. Needless to say, friends, family and teachers were  always aware of and often impressed by Feng’s artistic leanings.

Feng  finds inspiration in nature’s flaura and fauna. In addition, her travels  around the world and the ideas she collects from these trips infuse and  color her work. Feng displays a genuine attitude of excitement for life  through her surface pattern designs, and she hopes to share this  passion by licensing them for various products.